HORA, Version 2.0

The digital risk map Version 2.0, Austria’s flood risk zoning model, gets an improved surface and covers a greater number of natural hazards than it did so far.

At http://www.hora.gv.at/ everybody can file internet inquiries, click into the digital risk map and, by means of different zoom resolutions, see if his/her property or plot of land is at risk.

HORA 2.0 is a perfect Austrian model and a successful cooperation project of the BMLFUW and the association of Austrian insurance companies (VVO).

In June 2006 HORA went online. As many as 15 million visits during the first few months reflect people’s great interest in natural hazards. To be able to offer the most up-to-date information, this platform has now been expanded and improved. Further natural hazards, like earthquakes, storm, lightning, hail and snow have been included as well and the surface has been improved visually and in terms of user-friendly. In addition to a modern surface with Google maps applications, visitors will also find a broad range of information on different natural hazards. Social media were installed to make flood warnings by means of HORA-APP utilisable for all common smartphones (in particular iPhones).  It will thus also be easier to determine in nature whether there is an impending risk of flooding or other natural hazards. An important additional category will also be the presentation of current weather data on floods, such as current water levels of more than 250 gauges, earthquakes as well as storms, hail, lightning and snow.