Austrian Strategy for Adaptation to Climate Change

Austria’s climate policy relies on two pillars: Activities to combat climate change on the one hand, adaptation to climate change on the other.

The Austrian Adaptation Strategy comprises two parts, a strategic framework (“Context”) and an action plan.

The “Context” deals with basic strategic questions and explains the embedding of the strategy in the overall context.

The “Action Plan” describes concrete recommended actions in 14 fields of activity (among them agriculture, forestry, natural hazards, tourism, ecosystems, health, economy…).

Particularly positive features of the Austrian Strategy in international comparison are:

  • The simultaneous preparation of the strategic document and the action plan with concrete and comprehensive recommendations for action;
  • Consideration of both the federal and the provincial level in a common strategy
  • Addressing of social aspects of climate change.

The Context is available also in English, both online and as print version.

The Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management became active as early as in 2007 by starting to work out an Austrian Strategy for Adaptation to Climate Change. Austria ‘s Climate Change Adaptation Strategy aims to prevent negative impacts of climate change on the environment, on our society and the economy, and to use the associated opportunities. The Strategy is to strengthen the natural, social and technical capacity of adaptation.

published at 12.11.2015, Abteilung Präs. 5 - Kommunikation und Service