Energy transition

A sustainable economic system can only be based on an energy system which makes efficient use of energy and which generates this energy from renewable sources.

  • Renewable Energy – Facts & Figures

    Using renewable energy is an essential step towards a sustainable energy future because only renewable sources of energy are available on a long-term basis and are CO2 neutral. The objective, which was also confirmed in the course of the climate negotiations held in Paris in December 2015, is a “decarbonised society” in which fossil fuels do not play a role any more.

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  • Trend reversal towards renewable energy sources

    The goal of achieving energy autarky in Austria cannot be achieved overnight; it requires great efforts and the restructuring of our energy and economic systems for the long term. However, energy autarky for 2050 is feasible.

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  • Legal basis for green electricity

    The Austrian Eco-Electricity Act 2012 provides a remarkable impulse for renewable energy technologies whole at the same time opens up the way towards Austria’s energy autarky.

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